SpecINFO offering

Since 2007 we deliver IT dedicated business solutions to clients. We try to guarantee our clients the optimality and maximal functionality of our solutions. Simultaneously, we offer a relatively low deployment cost. To achieve the goal in many of our solutions we use free Open Source applications which we appropriately adapt and extend fulfilling the client needs. Open Source solutions become more and more popular nowadays. They are willingly chosen by small businesses and international enterprises as well.


We offer professional SugarCRM CE deployments.

We have successfully deployed dozens of SugarCRM based systems to clients. The systems were appropriately adapted, extended and intergrated with clients' IT infrastructure.


What we do:

  1. Pre-implementation analysis (followed by technical report).
  2. SugarCRM installation, configuration, localization.
  3. SugarCRM customization (which involves creating new modules, altering behaviour of standard features, adding new features).
  4. Import data from other systems to SugarCRM (eg. customers and contacts database).
  5. SugarCRM integration (with accounting systems, SMS services, web pages, VOIP, DMS systems).
  6. SugarCRM on-site and on-line trainings.
  7. Post-deployment service.


What we did (some examples):

  1. Modules (Offerings, Products, Invoices, Holidays, Resources with Reservations, Agreements, Surveys).
  2. New features (variety of dedicated reports, triggered e-mail or SMS notifications, custom autonumeration of records (invoices, offerings), new actions in modules, PDF, XLS and ODT generation).
  3. Integrations (several accounting systems, web pages, SMS services, KnowledgeTree, Asterisk).
  4. Add-ons (E-mail module: ajax support during e-mail addressing, flash-based multi upload of attachments).
  5. Own SpecINFO Blue Theme for SugarCRM - open source project maintained by SugarForge.
  6. Dedicated systems based on SugarCRM (HRM system, CRM for training companies, CRM for trading companies, CRM for advertising agencies).


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